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Truelove | Pheromone Cologne Spray To Attract Women - Full Size (2 OZ)

Truelove | Pheromone Cologne Spray To Attract Women - Full Size (2 OZ)

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Truelove is S1ck's All New scented eau de parfum with Pheromones, Designed to Catch HER Attention. Discover the awesome power of pheromone fragrances "TRUELOVE" [Designed for HIM] 

Truelove is a high-end pheromone formula designed to spark deeper connections, romantic, “crushy” feelings, and create hypnotic emotional attachments.
WARNING: This product should be used with caution if you don’t intend to attract women who may be exposed to it.
Designed with the masterful experience of Liquid Alchemy Labs, these 20+ specially chosen pheromones contained within is sure to ignite hearts, minds... and bodies.
Perhaps you’ve merely heard of the seductive power of pheromones, or maybe you’re a pheromone enthusiast looking to add a potent product into the arsenal...
In any case...
True Love is a “must-have”, if you need the upper hand in the game of love & seduction.
You’ll be amazed as women seem to effortlessly fall into your personal space, and become increasingly mesmerized by your presence... wondering if you may be their “True Love” after all.
Sought after dating coach, “Jonny TrueLove” and CEO of S1CK Jewelry had this to say:
I created this formula, not as another Alpha product because Alpha Q has dominated that aspect in all areas… but as a new product, giving the user such an amazing expansion range into steering this formula.
But not only that. amazing, uplifting mood factors, respect from other men, and targeting women within range.
It’s definitely a “friendzone killer”, giving females a new attractive light of you – as long as you steer this formula with intention, and not a Mr. Nice Guy routine.
I have had many experiences with this formula now, even more with things slowly starting to return to normal.
… Even having women feeling jealous just for my attention, its strange…
“… because even with women I have had no sexual experiences with (throughout years of friendship), it feels like they look at me completely different when I have this on.”
I’m till this day very fascinated with its effects, and have stamped this to attract “True Love” into your life.
REMEMBER pheromones only aid to the direction of the wearer, but at the end of the day, it’s you as the man who ignites the fire.
I contest that you will not be disappointed. “
Jonny “TrueLove”, CEO
You never know when you’ll run into the woman of your dreams...
... But when you do, why not be prepared?
Order True Love Today.

With an Amazing Bold, Fresh, masculine,  scent it always leaves an aura of high-end luxury and exclusivity. Truelove pheromone eau de parfum is among the few effective pheromone cologne for men you can find on the market today. It is made from the highest pure human pheromones concentration available, synthesized to contain the combination of the right ingredients to produce the longest lasting effects. This is something many brands out there couldn’t achieve. They make the mistake of putting too much androstenone in their mix on the basis that it is the arousal pheromone, there by ignoring three crucial facts.
Fact One: The pheromones related studies carried out on animals shows that sufficient comfort has to be built before any arousal can occur in the female species.
Fact Two: Some individuals are sensitive to too much androstenone, and it brings out unwanted negative traits like anger in them.
Fact Three: Androstadienone is also a pheromone, and it is closely related to androstenone. However, androstadienone is the pheromone that heightens sensitivity and attention to emotions, so arousal can never occur without it.
This new perfectly engineered blend of freshness sets a new tone to create attraction.
Why Choose Truelove?
Scentless Option Available:
If you don't already have a very strong or potent cologne or eau de parfum concentration fragrance,  this scentless version is very concentrated and does not smell pleasing. NO REFUNDS on Unscented Version. That is why we have took the liberty of blending this magnificent formula to our Premium High End Oil Conentration to blend in this specific formula.

Hypnotic Scent:
If you are preparing to have your presence not only noticed but also felt everywhere you go, then Truelove is the right cologne for you. It has an irresistible smell, very mass appealing, will keep attracting women to you, and also leave them wanting more.
Truelove is formulated to be an attention grabber with an enticing fresh pineapple blast tuned with Bergamot and leather hint of musk scent that is truly sexy and confident.

 Top Notes: Exotic Pineapple, Saffron, Marigold, Juniper Berries

Middle Notes: Bergamot,  Leather, Ambroxan, Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Musk, Ambergris, Vanilla, Birch, ISO - E Super 
proven pharmaceutically human pheromones grade that lasts up to thirty-five hours after application, to ensure there is enough time for the pheromones to attract women.
For optimal results shake bottle for about 5 seconds, then spray 2-4 sprays in a "close range" of 1 inch going in a straight line while pushing down on nozzle around the front on each side of neck area, once behind neck head area, and around wrists (may spray on one wrist and rubbed together)
There is no other pheromone cologne that can boost your pheromones other than the ingredients from Pheromone Master Specialist "Liquid Alchemy Labs." Combined with our masterful premium niche fragrance oils. It delivers precisely what it promises, and our buyers can testify to that. Get ready to turn heads as we will let our reviews do the remaining talks ;) Enjoy!



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S1ck Truelove | Pheromone Cologne Spray To Attract Women - Full Size (2 OZ) Review

Maannn...Truelove!!!!! 10/10

Smells so good, I got this when it first was released and wanted a couple months before doing this review because we were still in lockdown, this got me so much attention and lots of intimate encounters ;) Don't leave home without it!!!! Definitely Must Buy.

United States United States

Very good product

All products I bought worked very well :) I feel Alpha Q has a better impact with women but it also makes some males afraid or angry at you so it is difficult to make friends. In the contrary, with Truelove I feel the impact in women is not so strong but everybody wants to be your friend (women and men) so it is better socially

Axel R.
Belgium Belgium

Fast Delivery

Awesome and The delivery was very fast

Pablo S.
United States United States

True Love

It's an Amazing Experience. Thank You

Jose M.
United States United States


The product is great. Comes in a nice box. Works nicely. Only issue was a leaking bottle which leaked most of the contents out during shipment. Which triggered an on-hold on the package for a day at the logistics hub. The wonderful people at S1ck jewellery agreed to ship a new bottle to me, so we are all good!

Eu C.
Malaysia Malaysia